One of the widest product offers in the industry
STONEXPRESS has selected for you all the most popular stones available in the world. Selected from the best sources, STONEXPRESS is committed to constantly improve and enlarge its stone supply to better serve its customers and partners.
The STONEXPRESS product offer is widely based on the most popular product: Travertine. Available from Turkey in all sizes and finishes, our "premium quality" travertine is among the best in the industry. Slate comes from India, the largest supplier of this type of stone in the world. All products are controlled for quality under the same rigorous criteria as for the travertine.
A wide variety of marble and limestones are also supplied from Turkey.

Nevertheless, Turkey is among the countries when speaking about sourcing marble. Most types of marble are available in Turkey and can easily compete with the best European alternative sources. The Limestone product offer also comes from Turkey and is one of the most trendy types of stone. Either veined or almost uni-color, the limestone can give all types of warm and classy atmospheres. Discover this new stone with STONEXPRESS in various finishes and sizes.

The Best Merchandising Offer You Can Find!
STONEXPRESS is the only company in the stone industry that offers such a wide variety of merchandising tools to fit virtually all sales needs. STONEXPRESS is able to tailor merchandising tools to your specific needs, aimed to maximize your stone sales. You will find below our existing tools available. Moreover, STONEXPRESS is able to respond to virtually any merchandising request which means more and better sales of stone product
From boards to displays, from thinlines to wall rack, from towers to rotators, STONEXPRESS has the merchandising tool for you and you can order them on this website. Just go to the sales tools section and connect to our sales tools ordering system.
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Important note: Stone is a naturally shaded product and its color and finish can differ from item to item. Color samples and other indications
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