1. Selection of the right Quarry and the Big Block

Geologists check the soil with the latest technology using sonograms, samples and digging to make sure that the stone is of the highest quality and that there is sufficient reserve of this specific material. Then experts identify and mark the blocks to be processed.

2. Cutting down the Block to Slabs

The blocks are brought to the processing factories and sliced down to slabs using top of the line Italian technology. Slabs with even the tiniest defect are rejected on site.

3. Sizing of the Slabs

The slabs are sized down and rectified to the required dimensions. The sizes are checked with a digital measuring device to avoid even the smallest size difference.

4. Filling Process

Fillers are prepared by color experts to match the natural color of the stone in laboratories.

5. Polishing or Honing
The tiles are polished and honed with top quality Italian abrasives and processed repeatedly until the desired surface finish is met.

6, Final Quality Check and Shade Selection

Selection teams eye check every single tile based on our defined shade restrictions. Out-of-shade tiles are carefully eliminated.
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